About PCU

Point Comfort Underwriters (PCU) is an approved Lloyd’s Coverholder, and a licensed third party administrator specializing in the international travel insurance market. PCU is also a technology company that knows a lot about international markets, global healthcare, and medical claim management. PCU was established in 2014 by Betsy Brougher and Bill Atkins, both insurance industry veterans with decades of international experience. The company is located in the international insurance center of Indianapolis, Indiana. Before forming PCU, Betsy and Bill founded MultiNational Underwriters (now part of HCC) in 1998 where they pioneered online transaction technology for consumers and large groups. Today PCU is employing technology in a marketplace where people are increasingly international, mobile, and tech savvy. New tools for new times, and PCU is leading the way once again. Contact PCU today at info@pointcomfort.com or toll-free at +1 (844) 210-2010.