Health Insurance and Medical Claim Management Programs forĀ Corporate, Institutional, and Governmental Groups

PCU offers a full spectrum of health insurance and medical claim management solutions for large group administrators responsible for the healthcare needs of their employees, and members while outside their country of permanent residence. This includes U.S. citizens overseas, and non-U.S. citizens in the U.S. or in a third country.

PCU supports its insurance underwriting acumen, claims management expertise, and customer service skill with cutting-edge technologies. These systems are integral to everything PCU does. PCU is truly a technology company that knows a lot about international insurance, claims and assistance.

PCU offers everything from fully-insured plans to administrative services only (ASO) contracts, including self-funded, and partially self-funded plans. PCU will improve communication between all plan constituents, including in-house staff, medical, dental & hospital providers, pharmacy benefit managers, and plan participants. Let us show you how we can rationalize the process, reduce costs and improve overall satisfaction with your group plan.

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