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Third Party Administrator

We’re here to help you shine your brightest.

When it comes to claims administration, sometimes giving your client the level of service they deserve and expect every single time can prove more and more challenging as clientele numbers grow. When that happens, or when any number of other situations arise where your team could use a reliable partner in delivering effective, efficient service to your customers, it’s a great idea to bring in an organization specifically designed for the task – a Third Party Administrator.

At Point Comfort Underwriters®, our front-edge technology enables us to handle claims administration at a volume and a complexity that many other Third Party Administrators frankly can’t approach. But all the technology in the world doesn’t mean anything unless you have the right people to operate it, and that’s where Point Comfort really separates itself from the pack: our people. Let Point Comfort Underwriters bring the right people and the right technology to help your business run more smoothly  – healthcare claims, program management, underwriting, customer service, it’s all in our wheelhouse –  and to help your organization shine its brightest.