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Social Responsibility And Community Service

You can’t do business without a planet to do business on.


Here at Point Comfort Underwriters®, we help people from around the world who travel around the world. So it follows that we’re pretty invested in having a world for them to live and travel on. And that’s only the first of many, many reasons we’re so fond of this big blue ball we all share.

The sad fact is there’s no “Backup Earth” waiting in the wings; there’s only this one we inherited. That’s why PCU is committed to a policy of responsibility and respect towards our planet and its environment, a policy we express in ways big and small every day.

Corporate America generates a LOT of paper. PCU decided to pursue a different model – one that prioritizes and rewards elimination of paper. We handle hundreds of thousands of claims and service requests every year, and over 80% of those tasks are performed without a single sheet of paper. And we urge all of our partner providers and affiliates to join us in embracing this and other eco-friendly policies.

As we strive to be responsible stewards of our planet, so also do we work to tend our little corner of it. From our robust employee recycling program to our participation in neighborhood cleanup programs, to reimagining a beautiful but crumbling and endangered old landmark—Indianapolis’ century-old Southside Turnverein (Turners Club), we’re always working to make the world around us a little bit better.

Point Comfort Underwriters- Green World

We’re in this together.


Point Comfort Underwriters® appreciates the strength and the value of community. In this life, we only truly succeed when we strive together to help each other out. Every community we’re a part of makes us stronger, which is why it’s so crucial to work daily to make our communities stronger.

“Life’s most persistent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”

 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Point Comfort is proud and grateful to be a part of one of Indianapolis’ great historic neighborhoods, Bates-Hendricks, whose storied past is only surpassed by its bright future. In partnership with the Bates-Hendricks Neighborhood Association, we’re privileged and proud to provide a welcoming space for many community events. We also serve the neighborhood and the greater Indianapolis area through numerous volunteer initiatives, including rolling up our sleeves each year to participate in the annual citywide cleanup.Of the different ways we’ve tried to benefit our community, though, perhaps we’re proudest of the spectacular Southside Turnverein, our headquarters since November 2018. This 1900 architectural gem had nearly crumbled into extinction until Point Comfort undertook a painstaking historic renovation, returning the brick landmark to its former glory and reestablishing it in its rightful role as a rallying point for community pride.