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Our technology gives us tools; our people give us power.

Executive Team

Betsy L. Brougher, President & Co-Founder

Betsy has been active in healthcare administration and management, both domestically and internationally, since 1978.  She has served in top management positions throughout her career.  She is a skilled strategist with technical expertise in the areas of underwriting, healthcare claims processing, and analytics.  She leads with vision, enthusiasm and humor.

William J. Atkins, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder

Bill began his career in financial services, but transitioned to the healthcare management and insurance industries in 1989.  Bill’s focus lies in marketing, sales, product development and channel management.  In 1998, he was responsible for the development and introduction of the first insurance product to be rated, sold, collected and issued online in the US.  He is creative, forward-thinking and sometimes radical.

Senior Leadership Team

Larry Zore, Sr. Vice President – Operations

Larry, one of PCU’s first team members, has 20+ years of experience in management and operations.  He has a passion for technology with a strong focus on IT and web services.  Larry has worked with several companies in a variety of industries in which he helped build their IT infrastructure and grow their operations. He uses this experience to help accelerate growth at PCU.

Brian Cloud, Chief Technology Officer

Brian brings 15+ years of experience in technology, management, and operations.  He has worked across multiple verticals and with numerous technologies bringing a breadth of knowledge to the PCU team.  Brian focuses on using the latest adaptable technologies to help PCU grow with its customers and provide best-in-class solutions and services.  Brian is a passionate, big-picture-type technology leader and is constantly looking to advance PCU applications, platforms, and streamline automation while keeping data and system security top of mind.